Top Marques Monaco, between innovation, supercars and hypercars

At the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco from June 7 to 11, 2023

Top Marques returns to Monaco with an extraordinary lineup of the world’s most iconic supercars from yesterday, today, and tomorrow—available for purchase and ready to drive home!

Exceptionally rare hypercars and supercars, along with the worldwide launch of an electric rover destined for the Moon, are all on the agenda for this year’s Top Marques Monaco. Held at the Grimaldi Forum from June 7 to 11, 2023, and under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, the event will also feature its first-ever live auction.

The sale is being organized by MonacoCarAuctions™, a new, expert and differentiating player in the field of exceptional car auctions.  Exclusively dedicated to the Ferrari brand, the auction will take place on Thursday June 8th in partnership with Top Marques.

Highlights in the Supercar Hall this year will include hypercars and supercars such as Matador’s MH2, the new Ferrari Purosangue and the electric Aspark Owl, which will be showcased alongside the latest vehicles from McLaren, Aston Martin, Bugatti and Porsche.

Top Marques also shines the spotlight on the latest innovations in transportation, with an increasing number of exhibitors using ecological technologies.

Matador’s MH2

The Matador MH2 is Slovakia’s first Hydrogen powered car, a hydrogen-powered hypercar by the Matador Group in partnership with Technical University of Kosice, and the QUANTiNO twentyfive. The Matador MH2 is powered by a unique hydrogen propulsion system developed by Slovak University TUKE. Matador claims 600 horsepower (450 Kilowatts) a top speed of 155mph (250 km/h), and a 0 to 60mph time of only 3.9 seconds, all with zero emissions.

The Aspark Owl

The Aspark Owl is an all-electric battery-powered sports car manufactured by Japanese engineering firm Aspark, under development since 2018, with the goal of making the fastest accelerating electric car. It will be built by Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) in Italy. 

nanoFlowcell’s QUANTiNO twentyfive

Visitors will also be first in line to see a number of world premieres such as the QUANTiNO twentyfive, an EV without battery by nanoFlowcell. The QUANTiNO twentyfive is the first fully electric car that doesn’t use batteries. A compact electrolytic capacitor initially powers up the nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT E-drive. Then, the nanoFlowcell® takes over the job of supplying energy to the four low-voltage e-motors and the 48-volt on-board electronics.

Venturi Astrolab’s FLEX Rover

Sharing the Top Marques launch pad this year will be the FLEX electric rover. The solar-powered electric Flexible Logistics and Exploration (FLEX) Rover, designed and manufactured by Monegasque Venturi Group will be the largest and most powerful lunar vehicle in history. The American company SpaceX will transport it to the Moon in 2026.

Ferrari’s Purosangue

The Ferrari Purosangue electric SUV is the first four-door, four-seat car from the Maranello-based company and marks, for this and for its electric engine, a real turning point.

McClick’s MC One

Monaco-based McClic has entered the consumer electric aircraft market with the launch of the MC One, a coaxial octocopter priced similarly to a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. The MC One features a streamlined design with four arms, each equipped with two propellers. It can fly for 12 to 15 minutes on a full battery, reach speeds up to 50 mph, and fly at angles up to 55 degrees. Weighing 353 pounds, it can carry a pilot up to 198 pounds.

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