Monaco Ocean Week: Interview Billy McCall of Kintra Fibers on sustainable fashion

Keywords: Innovation, Monaco

At the 2024 Monaco Ocean Week’s Ocean Innovators Platform, Billy McCall, Co-founder and CEO of Kintra Fibers, discussed his company’s innovative solution to microfiber pollution in fashion. Inspired by his love for the ocean, Billy created Kintra Fibers’ 100% biobased and compostable synthetic yarns.

This interview dives into how Kintra Fibers integrates seamlessly with existing manufacturing while minimizing environmental impact. Billy highlights their commitment to reduced emissions, recyclability, and ultimate biodegradability.

Learn valuable tips for aspiring eco-entrepreneurs and discover how Kintra Fibers is shaping the future of sustainable fashion.

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Source: Ocean Innovators Platform – Interview with Billy McCall, CEO of Kintra Fibers