Forbes unveils top 23 seed-stage investors for 2024: Elite list of VC leaders

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The Top 23 Seed-Stage Investors for 2024 πŸ’Έ πŸŽ‰

Forbes has just released its highly anticipated ranking of the top seed investors for 2024. While landing on a Forbes cover hasn’t always guaranteed good fortune (remember Elizabeth Holmes, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Changpeng Zhao?), making it onto this list is a different story.

To qualify for this prestigious ranking, investors must have portfolio companies that have either gone public, been acquired for at least $50 million, or have private valuations exceeding $100 million.

Here’s the top 23 for 2024 (with LinkedIn tags):

1) Pejman NozadPear VC (Notable Deal: DoorDash) | Atherton

2) David FrankelFounder Collective (Deal: SeatGeek) | Mass

3) Benjamin SunPrimary Venture Partners (Coupang) | NY

4) Anna FangZhenFund ηœŸζ ΌεŸΊι‡‘ (RED) | Beijing, China

5) Benjamin LingBling Capital (Deal: Veho) | Miami

6) Ann Miura-KoFloodgate (Deal: SmarterDX) | Menlo Park

7) Satya PatelHomebrew (Deal: Chime) | Burlingame, Ca

8) Aneel RanadiveSoma Capital(Deal: Deel) | Miami

9) Pawel ChudzinskiPoint Nine (Deal: Docplanner) | Berlin

10) Ed Simboldstart ventures (Deal: Snyk) | Miami

11) Reshma SohoniSeedcamp (Deal: UiPath) | Miami

12) Semil ShahHaystack (Deal: Figma) | Mill Valley, Ca

13) Gil DibnerAngular Ventures (Deal: CruxOCM) | Tel Aviv

14) Salil Deshpande – Uncorrelated (Deal: Redis) | Palo Alto

15) Jesse BeyrouteyIA Ventures (Deal: Komodo) | New York

16) Chad ByersSusa Ventures (Deal: Robinhood) | SF

17) Wei GuoUpHonest Capital (Deal: Rippling) | Menlo Park

18) Larry Li– Amino Capital (Notable Deal: Chime) | Palo Alto

19) Gili Raanan – Cyberstarts ( Deal: Wiz) | Israel

20) Tim Connors – PivotNorth Capital (Deal: Zipline) | Nashville

21) Ross Fubini – XYZ Venture Capital (Deal: Anduril) | SF

22) Jesse Walden – Variant (Deal: Uniswap) | New York

23) Topher Conway – SV Angel (Deal: Rippling) | SF

Source: Forbes