DHL partners with Formula E to drive innovation and sustainability in E-motorsports

DHL powers sustainable logistics

Formula E is celebrating a significant achievement in its sustainability efforts, with a 41% decrease in freight carbon emissions compared to Season 5 and a 23% year-on-year reduction thanks to calendar optimization and the use of biofuels. This progress is largely attributed to its partnership with DHL, a leader in sustainable logistics.

The series has committed to including Scope 3 emissions in its science-based targets, highlighting its dedication to comprehensive environmental responsibility. By collaborating closely with DHL, Formula E has successfully reduced freight-related emissions by 41% compared to Season 5.

Optimized calendar and biofuel usage

DHL has been instrumental in these achievements by working hand-in-hand with the Formula E team to optimize the racing calendar. This strategic scheduling minimizes travel distances and maximizes efficiency, significantly cutting down emissions. Additionally, DHL has explored alternative fuel usage, ensuring that road freight is powered by electricity or second-generation biofuel derived from waste and certified as renewable energy.

Julia’s insights on DHL’s role

“DHL plays such a pivotal role for us in sustainability because the carbon footprint related to our freight is between 70 and 75%,” says Julia Pallé, Vice President of Sustainability, Formula E speaking at EarthFest 2024. She emphasizes the crucial impact DHL has had, stating, “DHL has been absolutely fantastic in being very hands-on in the challenge that we’re facing and trying to test and learn and create opportunities.”

A path forward

Through this innovative partnership, Formula E and DHL are setting a benchmark for sustainability in motorsports. Their collaborative efforts not only enhance the environmental performance of the series but also pave the way for broader adoption of sustainable practices across the logistics industry. By leveraging advanced logistics strategies and sustainable fuels, they are driving a revolution in how large-scale events can be conducted with minimal environmental impact.

As Formula E continues to evolve, its commitment to sustainability, supported by partners like DHL, ensures that the series remains at the forefront of green innovation, contributing to a more sustainable future for sports and transportation alike.

Source: Formula E, April 2024